7 Day Forecast Portland Metro Area

TUESDAY:  Foggy spots early, cloudy skies with possible light showers. Look for increasing rain mid to late afternoon and into the night.  West/southwest winds 5-20 mph.  Total rainfall .30" through midnight.  

WEDNESDAY:  Showers likely, heavy at times with possible small hail. Northwest winds 5-20 mph.  2-day rainfall .35 - .50 inches.  Snow levels lower to near 1,000' by early evening. 

THURSDAY:  Early fog, then mostly sunny with light winds. 

FRIDAY:  Cloudy skies, likely afternoon and evening showers. 

SATURDAY:  Cloudy, rain at times, snow levels lowering to 1,500 feet. 

SUNDAY: Sun breaks and possible spotty showers with a cold north breeze.  A mix of flurries will be possible. 

MONDAY:  Cloudy, watch for a wintry mix of showers with snow levels near sea level at times. 

TUESDAY:  Keep an eye, a cold east wind set up looks possible, that could lead to valley snow.