Record Lows Still Possible This Week

Today - Tuesday, Oct. 29th Update:
Wind Advisory in effect through 7:00 pm for the north valley, including Portland and Clark County.  Most areas will see blustery winds 15-30 mph.  Peak gusts between 40-50 mph will be possible on the east side near the Gorge. 
The east winds have held early temps this morning mostly above freezing between 35-43 degrees across the Portland metro area.  A few calm wind locations have slipped into the 20s, including Scappoose and Salem.
Sunny skies continue to blanket the 7day forecast.  Metro valley highs today will range between 45-50 degrees. 
As winds start to fade a bit, more and more cities will see overnight temperatures the next two nights cool into the 20s. Portland could still see record lows in the mid 20s (depending on wind speeds) Wednesday and or Thursday mornings. 
Rod Hill