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THURSDAY: Possible early snow showers, becoming dry after 9:00 a.m. with increasing sunshine. Winds northeast 5-15 mph.  Total snowfall into the morning hours could reach 1-3 inches. 

FRIDAY:  A dry start, then increasing rain showers into the afternoon.  Winds southwest to 15 mph.  Rain showers continue Friday night.  Total rainfall up to .25 inches. 

SATURDAY:  Cloudy skies, likely rain showers, total rain less than .20 inches. 

SUNDAY:  Rain heavy at times, breezy winds as a cold front arrives, up to .45" of moisture. 

MONDAY:  Mostly cloudy, colder with a possible mix of snow and rain showers. 

TUESDAY:  Dry much of the day, then likely showers into the evening. 

WEDNESDAY:  Mostly cloudy, scattered rain showers.