Winter Storm Warning Tonight at 5,000 Feet

By Rod Hill on 2019-10-18

A push of deep moisture arriving this evening and streaming inland much of the night will fall
as snow over the Cascades at elevations near 5,000 feet and higher.  A WINTER STORM
WARNING has been issued for the Cascades where 10-20” of snow could accumulate from
early this evening through Saturday morning.  Timberline lodge is likely to see at least a foot
of snow, while the 4,000’ elevation of Government Camp will see mostly rain or periods of 
a wet mix with ground temps generally holding above 32 degrees. 
The snow will likely be high in water content and perfect for snowpack base building.   Travelers
should check road and weather conditions and realize some mountain passes could be snow covered.
Wind gusts at pass level could reach 45 mph. 
Sunday will see rising snow levels to 6,000 feet with light moisture in the forecast. 
Rod Hill