By Rod Hill on 2020-03-14


A wide shield of precipitation at this hour is being reported as mostly light snow 
with valley temps 32-36 degrees and most areas 33-34.  Winds are less than 
10 mph, except east gusts to 35 mph near the Gorge.  Light accumulations are 
a good bet through mid-morning with surface temps holding near to just above 
32 degrees.  Areas up in elevation at 1,000’ and higher may see a few inches
of snow.  The Zoo Bridge at 600 feet on hwy 26 reports 33 degrees and Sandy 
at 1,000’ reports 32.   

Winter Advisories for the valley will likely be dropped after 9:00 a.m. as the moisture
field clears the area and daytime temps start to rise.  The Coast Range and Cascades
will continue to see snow accumulations today with snow covered passes continuing
near and above 1,000 feet. 

Moving forward, Portland and the valley will see daytime highs near 40 degrees and 
possibly into the mid 40s with scattered afternoon rain showers.  East winds will increase
and gusts near the gorge will reach 40 mph.  Showers quickly end this evening and skies
clear and calm wind areas see low temps in the mid 20s!